Latrice Payen is a self-published children's book author of "I Know Who I Am" and two journals. Latrice was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is married and blessed with four children—an author who believes in motivating and encouraging people through her stories. As a child, she experienced bullying, and as a teenager, she had two nearly-death encounters. Through her experience, it led her to become a police officer to help and serve her community. We live in a society where people are not considerate of other people's feelings. I'm here to impact the world in the way the Lord wants me.
Mrs. Latrice Payen is an entrepreneur and obtained her B.S. degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Thomas University.

I Know Who I Am

This children's book is about a young boy named Caleb, a four-year-old brown American. Caleb has experienced bullying and identity crisis at a very young age because of his long curly hair. I am proud of Caleb for not allowing harmful words to change the way he thinks about himself. Caleb's challenges have never stopped him. We live in a society where people are not considerate of other people's feelings. Boys can wear their hair in various styles. Self-esteem and knowing your identity begins at an early age. Boys deserve to feel strong and confident in their skin! Let's empower our brown and black boys by building their confidence and speaking words of encouragement such as BOLD, COURAGEOUS, INTELLIGENT, LOVEABLE,KIND, AND POWERFUL to them.

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